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As a versatile, resilient floor covering, Modular ONE is able to withstand the challenges of everyday life.

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High quality synthetic floors are the ideal choice for people with high quality standards and an appreciation for individual interior design.

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Vinyl for every use

Our new vinyl with SPC carrier plate is a real all-rounder that keeps its shape even in difficult room situations.

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Find the Parador dealer in your area.

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Iconic Award 2019


With this edition, the renowned architect continues to pursue his ideas from the first collaboration in 2014: Never before has combinatorics been as profoundly contemplated as in this edition, which increases the possibilities of design infinitely.

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The new room designer

Experience the desired floor directly in your own home with just one click.

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Due to our wealth of experience and technical expertise, we are able to produce authentic interpretations of high quality materials realistically in laminate flooring.

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wood flooring

Parador engineered wood flooring gives you many more ways of practising a discerning, individual furnishing style right from the floor.

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