Open Frameworks engineered wood flooring

Timeless, natural, elegant and never boring – engineered wood flooring inspires par excellence as a classic floor design. Its versatility is evident in the Open Frameworks Design Edition: planks made of oak in the contemporary colours OAK White, OAK Natural, and OAK Grey, each with two different lengths and widths, present a new variety of design options. The wealth of variants is topped off by coloured design elements, the "links", which were conceived especially for the engineered wood flooring edition. Three matching and three contrasting colours, each in two different sizes, all contribute to the infinite number of combination possibilities.

Hadi Teherani:

"For the engineered wood flooring we wanted to make the innovation of the loose tongue on the head sides visible by means of the connectors we developed, called 'links'. So you can not only create different laying patterns using the four different plank formats and the three coordinated colours of the oak engineered wood flooring, but set another creative accent by means of the links on the floor."

A new stage for colour

The engineered wood flooring of the Open Frameworks Design Edition is restrained at first glance: Light Oak in the colours OAK White, OAK Natural, and OAK Grey captivates attention with its natural colours. Installed on its own or in combination, the engineered wood flooring displays a delicate, minimalist effect. Cool elegance defines the room. In combination with the coloured links, the engineered wood flooring loses its restraint: in the expressive colours OAK Melon, OAK Doveblue and OAK Matcha, the individual links used as design elements create exciting contrasts. The multifaceted nature of the colour play, which has never been seen in this form, opens up new design possibilities and now gives the colour scheme a new stage on the floor as well.

Infinite connections

Two different lengths, two different widths, a variety of possible combinations – the engineered wood flooring Edition Open Frameworks creates a special interplay solely through the use of different formats. The free combination options of the individual planks make laying patterns that play with dimensions possible. You can follow exact geometric patterns or experience an avant-garde, arbitrary chaos. Specially for the engineered wood flooring Edition, a design element has been devised that infinitely expands the limits of the installation options: The 'links' visually connect the planks together and are thus more than just a technical component. They become a creative element in three bright colours and four different sizes, matching the engineered wood flooring. The connecting element of the links allows the emergence of infinity within the creation.

Engineered wood flooring rethought

The engineered wood flooring Edition redefines the limits of design options. In a customising game between form and colour, the individual components can be put together in a different way every time. From the classic herringbone pattern to interpretations of familiar laying patterns to freely chosen combinations - everything is possible.




Installation pattern

Installation pattern with Links



Installation pattern

Installation pattern with Links


Open Frameworks PDF

Design Edition von Hadi Teherani


Blauer Engel and PEFC


25 years for private use

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