German Design Award 2013

Coesfeld, 22 October 2012 – Great delight at the Coesfeld laminate flooring producer, Parador.

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The “Grid” decor from the Parador Identity range has now been awarded the “Special Mention” prize for special design quality. The prize is awarded by the German Design Council. Only nominated companies can take part.   For this year's awards, the jury composed of 30 design experts selected winners in nine categories from almost 1,500 submissions. The “Grid” laminate floor impressed the jury in the “Home Interior” category.

The “Grid” laminate decor belongs to the Parador Identity range, with which floors can be developed as requested and to match any building. In this respect, decors can be created completely freely or using a wide number of different motifs. The “Grid” motif comes from the pen of the Parador designer, Frank Petersen. “Grid is a scaled up bitmap pattern,” says the designer. “I was inspired by the pop artists, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. The direction of the grid breaks up the direction of the tiles. Grid can be matched in terms of colour and also the size of the elements to the special needs of a building.”


The production of individual laminate decors is possible thanks to the “ArtPrint” digital print process developed by Parador. With a very high resolution quality of up to 1440 x 1440 dpi, the decors achieve a brilliance and colour intensity that is comparable with high quality art prints.

The individual laminate print captured worldwide attention with the opening of the “nhow Berlin” hotel, for which the internationally famous designer, Karim Rashid, working with Parador, produced three laminate floors for the hotel's rooms and suites, matching the interior and overall concept of the extraordinary hotel on the Spree.

The prize ceremony and the exhibition opening for the German Design Award 2013 take place on 15 February 2013 as part of the “Ambiente” trade fair in Frankfurt. For the award ceremony, the organiser is expecting around 1,000 guests from politics, industry, design and the press.

Information about the German Design Council

Many years of experience, competence and its service philosophy constitute the renown of the German Design Council – and distinguish it as the organiser of the German Design Award. Its commission of the highest instance: to represent the German design scene. Set up as a foundation in 1953 under the initiative of the German Bundestag, it supports industry in all design matters and is one of the world's leading centres of competence for communication in the design field. The German Design Council uses exhibitions, conferences, competitions and publications to keep people talking about the subject of design. The foundation members include companies, associations, designers and institutions – all those for whom design is more than good looks, in other words a crucial economic and cultural factor as well as an unmistakable unique selling point.



 Information about the German Design Award

The German Design Award is the international premium prize presented by the German Design Council. It is used to distinguish high-calibre products and projects from product and communication design, design personalities and up-and-coming designers who are all ground-breaking in their own way in the German and international design scene. The jury is composed of design experts from different fields. These come from business, education and science as well as the design industry and are recognised capacities in their areas. The assessment process includes various criteria such as design quality, degree of innovation, brand value, functionality, ergonomics and ecological compatibility.


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