jovoto prize contest: flooring idea with technology feature wins

Coesfeld, September 2012 – The prize winners of the “Future Flooring Concepts” competition advertised by Parador have now been chosen.

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Ten designers in all were able to enjoy prizes totalling 15,000 Euro. The winners were determined from the vote made by jovoto participants. In addition, Parador awarded five special prizes.


More than 6000 creative people took part in this project: 184 ideas and 1,500 idea versions about future floor coverings were submitted during the eight-week competition period, with over 7,500 comments and 11,000 evaluations being received. It became clear in the process that three subject areas play a major role when it comes to designing the interior of the future: sustainably produced materials, technical features and individual, tailored solutions. 





The prize winners

1st Ariadne by peterpeter: intelligent LED technology guides people the right way

2nd sugarcane by suyani: floor design made of sugarcane as a quickly renewable raw material

3rd LENTICULAR Floor by matzfatz: the floor shimmers in different colours depending on the viewing angle

4th storage floor by Kakel: a storage system under the floor

5th EL + PE by danjohal & gizmotech: the floor turns footsteps into energy

6th Parador Cubic Floor by Architempo & serbau: cubic wood waste finds a new life as an individual design floor

7th Sense & Sensibility by foforit: different materials turn the floor into an experience path of the senses

8th METROPOLIS by metaprotodrop: tiny pieces of waste wood are put together in pixel-like fashion to make individual floor patterns

9th PARADOR 8-Bit by Platina: the floor becomes a Tetris playing field with illumination

10th Living Floor Tattoos by madametamtam: the floor has arrived in the digital era, design help by app


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