Engineered Wood Flooring Trendtime 8 from Parador relies on craftsmanship

Coesfeld, January 2012 – The beauty of any timber is hidden in its unique texture, grown over many years, which bears and testifies to the course of time.

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In order to bring out the individuality of the wood more finely, Parador is focusing on hand-crafted finishes with its new “Trendtime 8” series of engineered wood flooring. The manually treated planks are characterised by authenticity and high value. Parador is offering them in the two varieties “Handscraped” and “Elephant Skin”.

The Trendtime 8 Handscraped engineered wood floors have an almost archaic air about them, as the surfaces of these planks are individually planed by hand, thus evoking memories of the “olden days”.

The traditional, non-machined process leaves uneven marks behind on the wood, which are indicative of the original craftsmanship. These engineered wood floors thus follow a trend that values genuine handicraft and a natural quality. The engineered wood Trendtime 8 Elephant Skin exudes the charm of an historic floor.

To achieve this, specialists finish every single surface carefully by hand, whereby they emphasise wood features like grains, knots and cracks. Using delicate techniques, some material is taken off around knots, for example to replicate typical signs of wear.

This leaves the impression that the engineered wood floor has been decorating the floor for ages and that generations of people have left their marks behind.


All engineered wood floors in the Trendtime 8 series are only treated with natural oil. The wood is therefore protected and at the same time is able to develop its own patina. Subsequently treating or renovating the surface with natural oil can be easily done.

The planks in 1900 x 190 mm format have 4-V-joints, which create a particularly original floor pattern that is full of character. 

The engineered wood floor Trendtime 8 Elephant Skin exudes the charm of old wood. All surfaces are finished by hand to highlight typical wood features like grains, knots and cracks.

Traditional craftsmanship is in fashion. In the case of engineered wood Trendtime 8 Oak handscraped, every single plank is planed by hand to bring out the individual beauty of the wood.


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