Second life on the floor

Coesfeld, March 2013 – The appreciation of bygone things and the desire for all that is genuine are expressed in a trend that puts used materials in a new context and breathes new life into them. Parador implements this feeling with new floor creations in laminate and engineered wood.

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thumb04_03-2013-second-lifeEngineered wood and laminate flooring with wanderlust

Two new floors for modern city-dwelling nomads arouse a longing for the great wide world: the laminate flooring “Trendtime 1 Globetrotter” and the engineered wood flooring “Trendtime 8 Seaport Oak”, whose surfaces are individually finished by hand. Shipping crates served as the inspiration for both floors. You can see from the old pieces of timber used that they travelled through the harbours of this world in their first life.

Typical signs of wear and tear, which were made on the long journeys or when loading and unloading the crates, bear witness to the first use of the boards. This effect is reinforced by fragments of colour, paintwork or even faded characters that the wood has picked up over the years exposed to the elements.


Scaffold timbers in their second life – laminate decor “Timber”

The laminate floor “Trendtime 6 Timber” from Parador allows boards from scaffolding to appear in a new light. As the name already implies, this involves imitations of scaffold planks, which have been bleached by the sun and developed a very special patina from the lime, dirt, cement and paint residue on the building site. They suit a casual, urban lifestyle that loves the perfectly imperfect


thumb05_03-2013-second-lifeBlock in “used look” – Engineered wood flooring “Old Block”

Planks that appear to individually stick out give the engineered wood floor “Oak Old Block” the air of an ancient wood floor, on which dark gaps have become visible over time between individual lamellae. The almost archaic appearance of this floor is further emphasised by the wood textures fashioned by hand, such as grains, knots and cracks. The light colouring makes the floor itself seem light and matches almost any furnishing style.  The new laminate and engineered wood floors are available as of now.



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