The installation of Modular ONE flooring requires no glue, is straightforward and quick. This saves resources and makes the use of additional glue unnecessary.

Before installation, the PUR flooring elements must acclimatise and be stored in the original packaging at the installation site for at least 48 hours. In addition to a firm, dry and clean substrate, the optional underlay to be installed plays a decisive role. It smooths out any slight unevenness and thus creates even better room acoustics. PE film should always be used for mineral substrates

Special acoustics products from Parador reduce both room and footfall noise. Once the underlay has been installed, the actual installation of the Modular ONE flooring can begin. In the case of floating installation, the floor is installed without any firm bonding to the underlay. Thanks to the simple click technology, Parador Modular ONE flooring can be installed in this way with ease and without prior knowledge. Modular ONE flooring is suitable for use on underfloor heating.

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