FLOOR - the new magazine from Parador

FloorIt started with an idea: an author, a cameraman and a photographer go on a tour of Europe. Their objective: to put together interesting stories about people and their floors in their most beautiful homes in the world – until a unique customer magazine emerges. ›FLOOR‹ features five big photo reports about people and the worlds where they live in Amsterdam and Paris, Hamburg, Brittany and the Burgenland region. On 144 pages we meet friendly Japanese people, tradition-minded unicorn fans and the people who run an alternative children's fashion company in a Dutch nave. The floor on which they live runs through the magazine as a leitmotif, sometimes close up, sometimes from a distance.

The name of the magazine is of the essence, as the focus is always on the floor, which plays a very special part in all the stories. The new “FLOOR” magazine and the supplementary app will appear once a year in a German and English language version.

“These days, brand communication goes beyond merely conveying product information,” says Marketing Manager, Birgit Kunth, who is also responsible for the brand management at Parador. “Even the era of purely subtle enticement has passed. Now only the combination of strong forces ensures a high level of effectiveness. In future this will increasingly also include relevant experiences with the brand, which fill our partners and customers with enthusiasm.

“FLOOR” is now also available as an app with short stories and background information. The app can be found in the App Store under the search term “Parador Magazine”, from where it can be downloaded free of charge.



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